Monday, August 10, 2015

New job challenges

  The start of another new job in my life, which I often feel there have definitely been way to many. This one is yet again another private club and although there were things I enjoyed in the social club I do prefer the atmosphere you get of a yacht club and being on the water.

  Despite being off to a bit of a rocky start I do believe that there are some primary differences in this yacht club as opposed to the last yacht club I worked at. One thing is the staff here are mostly very long term employees, and as such they are mostly much older than the previous club. This club being in a distressed community  the caliber of people employed there are definitely not the spoiled rich kid mentality or personality of the last yacht club. Though I can't get a read on the overall personality profiles of this club, they are not that of Taryn Smerecki and her lies, or the "click" of the seasonal employees of the last yacht club. The social club being a union facility was a whole other ball game itself.

  Hindsight being a good teacher foresight tells me there is nobody working at this current club now or in the future that would lie about their mothers health or her death. As for the overall honesty or the lack there of, of #Taryn Smerecki the using, the deceit are all a reflection of her upbringing, the poor parenting.

  The real task now is to decide how to go about dealing with subordinate workers who previously didn't feel the need to take charge and be accountable for their employment but now that upper management has put someone else in the position of authority they exert open animosity. They fail to recognize that the upper management has been replaced as well in an effort to improve conditions throughout the facility for everyone.

  I will forever hold the harsh lessons I learned at the lying, deceitful, abusive hands of #Taryn Smerecki in the forefront of my life, never to let go or forget what being trusting can do to a person.